Product Portfolio

epimedical produces a complete set of medical solutions for orthopaedic surgeries and traumatology. The compact range of implants is reduced to the max, managing the handling complexity and enhancing quality and efficiency in surgeries, by covering nearly all possible traumatology challenges. Smooth working screws and plates form a perfect symbiosis with our sophisticated and cleverly devised instrument sets. High-precision mechanics combined with proven osteosynthesis (AO standards) offer reliable results in the treatment of fractures of the long bones. As a matter of principle, only the best materials and finishing processes are applied, or in other words: Swiss Quality in Detail.

epiLock System

epiLock Teaser epiLock Teaser

epiLock System is a comprehensive internal fixation system.

epiCan System

epiCan System epiCan System

Cannulated screws and specific instruments.

epiDxS System

epiDxS System epiDxS System

Dynamic Hip and Compression System and specific instruments.

epiMIS System

epiMIS System epiMIS System

Minimal Invasive Surgery System for distal femur and proximal tibia.

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Product Innovation

The constant striving for innovation and improvement characterize our company philosophy. The results from extensive research activities prepare the background for our product development. First we detect acute demands, and then we analyze existing conditions to provide unique solutions as the missing links.

epiNail epiNail

A complete interlocking nailing system to treat long bone fractures.

Volar distal radius and tubular plate with variable angle, locking screw combi­nations and specific instruments.