Swiss Quality in Detail

Switzerland is the center of our research and business activities. The proximity to our international customers through our hubs is essential to ensure a local support. Wherever we are, we train, support and guide our partners: from personal consultations to assistance on the spot in the operating theatres. Beside our headquarters and research center the major part of the manufacturing is localized in Switzerland. Therefore, combined with a first-class customer service and individual consulting, epimedical offers an attractive option for hospitals. The treatment of fractures and orthopedic disorders has its origin in Switzerland (AO Foundation and ASIF, the Association for the Study of Internal Fixation). Thus, our products are manufactured in accordance with the guidelines of long-standing Swiss regulations meeting international standards and ensuring the highest possible degree of quality.

Raw Material

Raw Meterial Raw Meterial

epimedical uses exclusively Ti6AI4V ELI, a Grade 23 titanium alloy specifically recommended for the application on medical devices and compliant with ISO 5832-3. The positive characteristics and advantages are: light weight paired with maximum stability and high acceptance of the human body.

Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment Surface Treatment

The surface treatment of epimedical’s implants make a difference. After cleaning, our implants are treated with an electrochemical oxidation called anodizing. This process strengthens the passive layer and provides therefore much better protection and scratch resistance. More importantly the congruency of material and surface treatment on plates and screws prevents the so-called “cold fusion.”

Surgical Technique

epimedical follows the clinical principles and practice of the AO Foundation, allowing surgeons to access surgical knowledge for reference purposes during their clinical work. Visit the AO Surgery Reference or contact our medical team under

Packaging and Sterilization

To protect the surface integrity of our implants and assure the absolute sterility, all epimedical products are delivered single packaged and sterilized with gamma radiation. Full traceability of implants is guaranteed by the unified device identifier (UDI). It offers the optimal solution and covers all legal concerns associated with the responsibility of the sterilization of the implant, like safety, implant integrity, traceability, liability and cost savings.

Quality Certificates

Our quality standards find worldwide recognition. Nevertheless we will avoid stagnancy. With the will to facilitate healing processes, we are constantly striving to provide quality and innovation at competitive prices. In 2013 epimedical has successfully been re-certified for the Medical Devices Directive CE93/42 and ISO 13485. In 2012, we have been nominated by “Switzerland Global Enterprise” for the Export Award. However, we will not rest on this success.